Couples And A Faith Journey Together

People come together in many different ways and situations. Often that special person comes along when you least expect it. Your life is just kind of rolling along and getting involved with someone is not really at the top of your agenda. The thing is God’s agenda and your agenda is never the same. Through the years God has been grooming that special someone for you while doing the same thing with you. As humans we think we know so much but in reality we know very little about God’s plan.

That happened to me decades ago in a city that was far away from the woman he was planning for me. At that point in my life I was single and that was ok. Then as was walking out a christian bookstore one day I picked up a singles classified paper. Little did I know that one simple act would change my life forever. Within a year I was in a city 300 miles away from my hometown and married.

The woman that God was preparing for me was living a nightmare of a life and is almost a decade older. She was raised in a small town some 700 miles from mine. There is no way that God didn’t have this all planned out. She is the reason I get up each day and fight for us but without God and faith in our relationship this would have blown up a long time ago.

Now as we both realize that we our on the downside of our time together and on this earth we laugh and we cry sometimes but in the end we both get to go to eternal glory and isn’t what this is all about anyway?