Faith During Tough Times

For many people talk about how great their faith is but in reality it’s sort of shallow. The sign of your true faith is when things are tough and you see no way out. There will come a time in your life that the world is going to hit you in ways you never expected. It will and you better have a core belief system and faith before it happens because if you don’t then watch out when that storm hits because it’s coming whether you like it our not.

This begs the question of why don’t people have a stronger faith? Many people believe it’s because someone’s faith is something that is not tangible. It’s also very personal by it’s very nature. Then there are those that believe there isn’t a higher power which is there right!

During these uncertain times many people are scared and with some justification. Someone said to me the other day that faith doesn’t pay the bills. When I hear those types of things it makes me feel sad for them. I have asked many pastors through the years about the question of how do people get through times without faith? Not one has been able to answer that question. It’s real easy to have faith when things are good but it’s a whole different matter when things are tough. That is something that will never change.