Hurting Those You Truly Care About

As humans there are times that we just flat out do things that are just stupid and wrong. You can sense what has happened and it eats away at your inner soul so much so that you can’t sleep at night and your days are filled with joyless activities. You have confused and hurt someone that deep in your inner being you truly care about without any agendas. So how do you get pass these times?

In legal terms you throw your heart to the mercy of the court. That court is the person you confused and hurt and it is their decision if they can forgive you for how you have hurt them. If they can find that within themselves to do so then you have to double your efforts to gain their trust back. It will never be the same because you can’t turn back the clock of time. You have to be willing to open up your heart and feelings about this person with no filters. If you are unwilling or incapable to do so then you just need to move on and leave them alone.