Is Your Life A Broken Fence Line?

So often in life we go along our merry way and then one day we find ourselves laying across a fence line wondering what happened? In our crazy world today millions are asking the same question in one form or another. They thought their lives were moving right along and then it was like a bolt of lighting that threw them on to the perennial fence line of life. For some there was nothing they could do about it but for others you could see this coming. Not the virus itself but the way they were living a life that was so far out of balance and they are so far in debt now they are in full panic mode. They blame everything and everyone in the world except the person they look at in the mirror each day. You name it and they are the reason thinks have fallen apart. Let me give you some advice about life. Bad things happen to good people. The thing is you don’t have to live is the biggest and best house. ( whatever that means).

This would be a good time for people to take a hard look at their lives and figure out what they truly need versus what they truly want. There is a huge difference and the sooner you figure that out the better.