Ted Turner’s Vision For Cable News Has Gone Terribly Wrong

When Ted Turner and others had the vision for a 24 news channel they believed over time other cable news networks would come along. The biggest hope was when these other cable news channels came on board people could have a variety of opinions and then come to their own conclusions. That was the hope and that hope has gone terribly wrong!

Cable news has turned is a series of channels that have developed their own tribes of viewers that by and large don’t look at other channels.

There was a time when the evening news with Walter Cronkite signed off at night everyone would slow down and contemplate the days events and actually talked to each other. It was a time when it was agree to disagree. Now it’s if you don’t agree with my position then you are all kinds of names. There is enough blame to go around.

The coverage of the virus these days is a prime example. The cable news shows are going nuts scaring people. The virus is a serious thing but it’s not the worst thing that has ever hit this country and it’s not even close.

Then what about all those people whose health is just as important and their deaths are just as tragic but are being ignore?

Ted Turner and others vision for cable news has gone wrong and we all have paid a terrible price.