Guiding Her To God

Having been a caregiver for several years now you over and over wonder if it’s worth it at all. It is a situation in which you know you will win the battle but loose the war. That is one way to look at but my way of thinking is the day I lose battle the one that means everything to me gets to spend the rest of eternity with the Lord God Almighty. When this all started those many years ago I had a trusted pastor friend on mine tell me it was my job to get her prepared for that day. That for me is the easy part for me. The one thing we do not know is how I will actually handle it. There have been close calls through the years and there are times I have ask God to take her home. What I have come to understand is that all the garbage I had endured through the years had prepared me for the first close call and all the garbage I am going through now is preparing for the final call. It’s one of those things unless you have been through it you really don’t understand. The only thing I ask God every day is if this is the day he calls her home is to give me the wisdom to make the right decisions.

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