Bookstores Coming To An End?

The book publishing world has been in a state of tumult for years and this recent virus outbreak is making things even more troublesome to say the least! Barnes and Noble for example has had financial problems for years even though the company was bought last year and even the company has said the layoffs and store permanent store closings are probably going to happen. Right now they are getting by on online sales and curb side pick up but the harsh reality is they can’t survive on that business model forever. At some point the sudden rush to buy books online will slow down and they have all of these property’s that they are paying probably paying rent on. It would be a shame for that to happen because bookstores are a special place where many special people work. This doesn’t even begin to deal with smaller bookstores or retail in general.

There are those that claim that things we get back to normal ( whatever that means) because “normal” was a pretty tough place.

For those of us who are old enough to remember there was a time when e-books were going to be the next best thing and physical books would eventually fade away but there was a major miscalculation in that thought process and that is there is something special about holding and feeling the touch of a book.

Will Barnes and Noble survive? I sure hope so but like many in retail the odds are getting stacked against them more and more everyday and that is a terrible price to pay.