The Real World Strikes When You Least Expect It.

The world was moving along somewhat nicely for most of us with life’s ups and downs. Then the real world hit when something called the coronavirus ( I had to add that one to the old dictionary) showed up at it literally has brought the world too it’s knees. You see the real world strikes when you least expect it and whoa did it do that. It proves something that many have known for a long time. The United States has become the most materialistic country in human history and for what purpose? It certainly isn’t because you can take all of your stuff with you because you can’t. There is no logical explanation as to why this has happened. Through the years there has been enough blame to go around and we have all been guilty of it. In this race to acquire stuff untold millions are today wondering how they will manage through all of this with no support system? You see has people who are rightly concerned about being around too many people there are equally as many who are ripping themselves apart inside as to why don’t they have a support system. The sad truth is that for them it’s probably too late and that in itself is the really tragedy in all of this stuff.